The Exhibitor's Handbook

The Exhibitor’s Handbook

Welcome to The Exhibitor’s Handbook! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to curate and publish solo or group exhibitions on The Exhibit.

What can you exhibit?
Not sure if this is the platform for your artwork? Read on to see what types of artworks we support in your online exhibition

Who can exhibit?
The Exhibit is for all artists, curators and galleries. Read on to find out why.

How much does it cost to exhibit?
Find out how fees work on The Exhibit platform when you exhibit

How to format your exhibition and artwork images
Discover the tips and tricks to getting your images looking their best in your exhibition

How to write exhibition and artwork descriptions
Stuck for how to write descriptions? Look no further

How to set Opening and Closing Dates for your exhibition
Unsure how exhibition dates work on The Exhibit? Read our best practice tips here

Guide to adding video content to your exhibition
Learn about what kind of video content you can use and how to add it to your exhibition

How to price your artwork on The Exhibit
Unsure about how to price artworks in your exhibition? Find answers to commonly asked questions here

How to define shipping destinations, prices and dispatch your artwork
Get all the low down on our shipping and dispatching best practices here

Including For Sale and Not For Sale artworks in your exhibition
Discover how For Sale and Not For Sale artworks can be used in your exhibition

Guide to holding Online and Offline exhibitions at the same time
You can use The Exhibit to hold an online version of your bricks and mortar exhibition. Find out how

Can you exhibit artwork which is also available for sale elsewhere?
You definitely can, but we have compiled a few tips to make it work successfully. Read more here

Revenue Share Guide for Artists and Curators
Have different artists and curators involved in the same exhibition? Find out how payments are split between both parties

Publishing your exhibition live
Once you have set-up your exhibition, find out what happens next and what can hold up your exhibition from going live

How to promote your online exhibition
Your exhibition is live, now what? Here are some tips for promoting and sharing your exhibition

How Exhibitor payouts work when an artwork sells
Find out how payout deposits work on The Exhibit when your artwork sells

What happens when your exhibition closes 
Don’t worry, it doesn’t disappear. Find out what happens to it here

Does The Exhibit have any input into your exhibition?
Unsure how curation works on The Exhibit? Read our article here to learn more


We hope you have found this Exhibitor Guide helpful! However, if we have missed anything or you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll get right back to you!