Who can exhibit on The Exhibit?

Who can exhibit on The Exhibit?

The Exhibit is a truly open exhibition platform for all artists, curators, and galleries, whether they are at the beginning of their art journey, a student or are well established in the art world. You don’t have to be invited to exhibit or meet any criteria to create an exhibition on The Exhibit!

Our vision at The Exhibit is to remove the current barriers artists and curators face when exhibiting art by providing an open digital exhibition platform which is global, significantly reduces the costs of exhibiting, facilitates social sharing and allows for new ways of artistic and curatorial collaboration.

If you are worried about your artworks and exhibitions getting lost on such an open platform, don’t be. We have designed The Exhibit in a way that allows each exhibition to be independent in and of itself with its own ‘Entry Page’ and unique URL. This means when you send your unique exhibition link out to your audience (friends, family, followers, subscribers, interested buyers, and collectors) they can come directly to The Exhibit to experience your individual exhibition, without needing to navigate through the site to find it. This also means they won’t necessarily see any other exhibitions apart from yours on the platform unless they start browsing and searching for other exhibitions themselves after visiting yours.

And even though each exhibition is unique, just by being on The Exhibit you benefit from the marketplace effect that The Exhibit facilitates where exhibition-goers can move from one exhibition to another. Just by exhibiting, you benefit from visitors to other exhibitions on the platform coming across and discovering an interest in your exhibition too.

You can find out more about how to promote and share your unique exhibition URL here.

NB: The Exhibit currently supports exhibitors located in these countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. More countries will be added in time.