Can you exhibit artwork which is also available for sale elsewhere?

Can you exhibit artwork which is also available for sale elsewhere?

Yes, you can definitely include artworks in your exhibition which are also currently available for sale elsewhere, for example in other galleries or online stores. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you decide to do this.

When artworks are ‘For Sale’ in two or more locations

If you have artworks in your exhibition which are available for sale both on The Exhibit and elsewhere, ideally all ‘For Sale’ artworks in your exhibition on The Exhibit should be transacted through The Exhibit. But, it isn’t mandatory to do so.

If artworks are transacted elsewhere during your ‘open exhibition dates’ on The Exhibit, for example via a gallery’s point of sale system or elsewhere online, you will need to edit the sales status of those artworks in your exhibition on The Exhibit from ‘For Sale’ to ‘Sold’ so you don’t accidentally sell the same work twice or mislead your online visitors that those artworks are still available.

When you complete a sales status edit for any ‘For Sale’ artworks during your exhibition’s open dates, a 10% Sales Status Edit fee is charged. This is to avoid exhibitors abusing the platform and also to allow us to provide the service to you at no cost until artwork successfully sells. Please read more about our fees here.

We recommend processing any artwork sales transactions on The Exhibit instead of transacting them elsewhere during your “open exhibition dates”.

How to avoid the 10% Sales Status Edit fee

If you have artworks exhibited elsewhere during your online exhibition’s ‘open dates’, and you want to avoid the 10% Sales Status Edit fee, there are some alternatives.

One is to have some artworks in your online exhibition ‘For Sale’ and some ‘Not For Sale’. This way you can display any artworks which are also featured elsewhere as ‘Not For Sale’ on The Exhibit, thereby allowing you to still include them in your online exhibition but also avoiding any duplicate sales scenarios. You would then complement these ‘Not For Sale’ artworks with additional ‘For Sale’ artworks which would be exclusive to your online exhibition.

In this instance, you would simply need to make sure that, if you are using our free Independent Artist and Curator Plan, at least 50% of your artworks are available For Sale. This is a requirement of the free plan as it allows us to provide The Exhibit service to you at no cost. Find out more about ‘For Sale’ and ‘Not for sale’ artworks here.

Alternatively, you could simply put on an online show of totally new artworks which differ from those that you currently have available elsewhere, and keep everything separate. It’s totally up to you!  :-)

Holding a duplicate exhibition online and offline

Another way you can include artworks in your exhibition, which you have available for sale elsewhere, is to create a completely duplicate exhibition on The Exhibit which mirrors your offline exhibition. This allows you to use your ‘online exhibition’ to promote your ‘offline exhibition’ and also means you can use The Exhibit as the point of sale system in the bricks and mortar exhibition space without needing expensive Eftpos terminals or tools.

You can read more about how to set up corresponding offline and online exhibitions here.

With a corresponding online and offline exhibition, your gallery or venue can also take the role of Curator and create your exhibition on The Exhibit for you. If they do this, The Exhibit has a revenue sharing facility in place which allows the gallery or venue to receive their commission automatically into their bank account when an artwork sells.

We have written more about how revenue sharing works on The Exhibit here.

Weighing up the benefits

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that exhibiting on The Exhibit is free for Independent Artists and Curators until artwork sells and we only take a small percentage of the sale for providing the service.

The benefits of exhibiting on The Exhibit also far outweigh other standard e-commerce or online solutions which aren’t so suitable for putting on an exhibition and selling artwork.

Some of these benefits include gaining greater recognition through our network, increasing foot traffic to your offline exhibition venue if you have a corresponding offline exhibition, leveraging the audiences of all other artists and galleries on The Exhibit, being able to showcase your artwork in an exhibition format online and making it super easy for your audience to buy your artwork directly from your exhibition no matter where they are located in the world.

The Exhibit also allows you to publish your exhibition in advance of your opening dates, allowing your audience to get a sneak peak of your artworks, bookmark their favourites and when your exhibition does open, visitors can buy your artworks on a first-in basis. This feature alone allows all artists, curators, and galleries to build up more anticipation for their exhibition “opening night” and create higher demand (or even a “frenzy”) for the artworks in their exhibition before they become available for purchase.

The Exhibit truly is purpose build for artists, curators, and galleries. It is also highly cost-effective (free to exhibit) and should be utilised as much as possible to reach wider audiences online and sell your art. The benefits we believe far outweigh our low fees or any 10% Sale Status Edit fee that you may or may not incur should your artwork happen to sell elsewhere during your open exhibition dates on The Exhibit. Although, there are ways around this too as we’ve outlined above.

Please contact us should you have any other questions about exhibiting artworks elsewhere during your online exhibition on The Exhibit. We will get right back to you!