Revenue Share Guide for Artists and Curators

Revenue Share Guide for Artists and Curators

This article is for users on the Free and Exhibitor Pro Plans.

Exhibitions on The Exhibit can either be:

  • Self-Curated (i.e. the Curator and the Artist are the same person)
  • or Curated (i.e. the curator and artist/s are different people)

When your curated exhibition includes the artworks of other artists, you automatically enter into a revenue share arrangement with them. This is so that both parties involved in curating the exhibition and creating the artwork are correctly remunerated for their respective efforts when an artwork is sold. The Curator’s share of the sale works the same way a traditional gallery commission does.

During exhibition set-up, the Curator will be asked to define the revenue share breakdown (%) for themselves and the Artists in their exhibition. The % share defines the spilt of the artwork price only and excludes any shipping or sales tax.

When an artwork sells, The Exhibit will automatically calculate the amount owed to each party including any additional sales tax which has been collected from the customer based on the Artist and/or Curator’s tax status. If there is a shipping cost associated with the sale, this amount will also be added to the share of the party designated as responsible for dispatching the sold artwork. (This is nominated during the shipping set-up of each artwork).

The total combined funds are then automatically deposited into the Curator’s nominated bank account.

The Curator is fully responsible for forwarding the Artist’s share of funds to the Artist, either via bank transfer, Paypal or another preferred payment method arranged between the Curator and Artist. A full breakdown of revenue share information is provided to the Curator so that they can accurately transfer the correct amount to the Artist.

The Exhibit’s sales success fee and credit card processing fee, which are incurred when a sale is successfully made on the platform, will be deducted from the Curator’s share of the revenue. This is because the Curator is the one hosting and managing the exhibition.

To make sure the Curator can always cover any fees associated with exhibiting on The Exhibit, the minimum percentage able to be defined for a Curator’s share is 14% for Free Plan exhibitions and 7.5% for Exhibitor Pro Plan exhibitions. These lowest percentages cover The Exhibit’s fees only for Free or Exhibitor Pro exhibitions and reduce the Curator’s take home share to zero.

For Curators, who deliberately wish to take no revenue share for themselves from their exhibition, then the 7.5% option on Exhibitor Pro or 14% option on the Free Plan can be used.

NB: If you are both the Curator and the only Artist in your exhibition (self-curated), you won’t enter into a revenue share arrangement and will receive 100% of the displayed artwork sale price (less any fees associated with making an artwork sale).

To find out more about how Payouts work please read our help article here.

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