For Sale and Not for Sale Artworks in Your Exhibition

Including For Sale, On Enquiry and Not for Sale artworks in your exhibition

This article is for users on the Free and Exhibitor Pro Plans.

Unlike other online art shops or e-commerce platforms, The Exhibit allows you to exhibit artworks which are not for sale. These maybe artworks which you just don’t want to part with, have already promised someone, or artworks which have already sold but which you want to exhibit again. Not For Sale artworks won’t display any price tag and are not available for visitors to purchase during your exhibition. On Enquiry artworks, however, are artworks with an advertised price but where the interested buyer has to contact you to arrange purchase.

Free Plan

If you are on our Free Plan, you can include both ‘For Sale’ and ‘Not for Sale’ artworks in your exhibitions. However, at least 50% of your exhibition must be made up of ‘For Sale’ artworks which are available for purchase. We want to avoid your followers and art lovers feeling like they are missing out because they can’t buy any of your beautiful artworks! Plus to allow us to offer the Free Plan for free, there must be at least 50% available for sale.

Exhibitor Pro Plan

If you are using our Exhibitor Pro Plan, you can include ‘For Sale’, ‘Not For Sale’ and ‘On Enquiry‘ artworks in your exhibitions. You also have complete flexibility about what you make available for sale in your exhibition. If you wish you, can even have 100% of your exhibition ‘not for sale or ‘on enquiry’.

However, we do recommend that when you list an artwork for sale that it remains for sale during your exhibition opening dates (unless it sells of course!). Please see our Exhibitor Policy here for more information about Artwork Sales Status Editing Fees.

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