What happens when your exhibition closes

What happens when your exhibition closes?

When an exhibition closes on The Exhibit it remains on the platform and is still available to be viewed and enjoyed (unless you decide to delete it). An exhibition is considered closed when it has reached its exhibition closing date.

If you are using our free Free Plan, artworks in a closed exhibition are no longer available to be purchased.

If you are using our Exhibitor Pro Plan, any artworks which haven’t sold by your exhibition’s closing date remain available for sale in your own dedicated online Stockroom. Your stockroom can be managed via your account area and stockroom artworks can be browsed by shoppers on your profile page.

Any unsold artworks from your closed exhibition, whether on the Free Plan or Exhibitor Pro Plan, can either be relisted in new exhibitions on The Exhibit should you wish to do so, or simply be kept online in your closed exhibition for people to continue to enjoy. There is also no on-going obligation which ties those exhibited artworks to The Exhibit, however, we, of course, would love for you to come back and hold further exhibitions on The Exhibit platform!

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