Step by Step Video Guide to The Exhibit

Step-by-Step Guide to Exhibiting on The Exhibit

This how-to video series breaks down exactly how to get started as an exhibitor on The Exhibit, as well as everything you need to know to create great looking exhibitions online! Let’s get in to it.

Getting Started

In this video I’ll be showing you how easy it is to get started creating an exhibition online using The Exhibit.

I’ll take you through the first few steps of setting up your account, creating your Exhibitor Profile and where to go to curate your first exhibition.

  • 0:00How to sign up and log in
  • 0:26Where to go to curate your first exhibition
  • 1:01Selecting your plan
  • 2:08Completing your exhibitor profile

That’s it, now we have completed all the things you only have to do once when you create a new account on The Exhibit.

In the next video we will properly get into the setup of your first exhibition. So continue to watch below and find out how to create a great looking exhibition.

Step 1. Creating an Exhibition

In this video I’ll be showing you how to complete the initial step of setting up your Exhibition, what each field is for and how to create the best exhibition experience for your visitors.

If you haven’t created an account or curated an exhibition on The Exhibit before, I suggest you watch our Getting Started video above before watching this video as I quickly walk you through some important account setup steps and how to complete your exhibitor profile.

However, if you have signed up and setup your exhibitor profile already, then you’ll be all set to proceed now with Step 1 of creating your first exhibition. Let’s get into it.

That’s it, now we have completed Step 1. The next step is to start adding artwork and shipping information to our exhibition. Watch the next video in this series below to find out how to do this.

Step 2. Adding Artwork and Shipping Details to Your Exhibition

In this video I’ll be showing you how to complete Step 2 of The Exhibit’s 4 step exhibition setup process which is how to add artworks and their shipping info to an exhibition.

Specifically, this video will walk you through the following:

  • 0:00How to add your first artwork
  • 4:18How to add artwork images
  • 6:26How to add shipping information to your artwork
  • 11:36Reordering, editing or deleting artworks

Let’s start by adding our first artwork!

So now we have all the artworks added and arranged in our exhibition. The next step is to review the exhibition, publish and start promoting it. Watch the next video in this series below to find out how to do this.

Steps 3 & 4: Publishing and Promoting Your Exhibition

In this video I’ll be showing you how to complete the final steps 3 & 4 of The Exhibit’s exhibition setup process, including how to review, publish and then promote your new exhibition. Let’s get in to it!

  • 0:00Reviewing your exhibition setup and then publishing your exhibition
  • 5:36Promoting your exhibition

So there you have it, our exhibition has been published and we’ve started spreading the word. Want to know what our exhibition looks like and how all the content we have added is presented to your visitors? View our last bonus video in this series below which takes you on an exhibition walk through!

(Bonus) Exhibition Walkthrough – How Your Visitors View Your Exhibition on The Exhibit

We often get asked how everything you add during your exhibition setup displays in your published exhibition on The Exhibit platform. So in this video I’ll be walking you through an exhibition on The Exhibit and explaining what’s what, including the following:

  • 0:00Understanding the exhibition entry/landing page
  • 4:44Walking through the exhibition
  • 6:25How the individual artwork page works
  • 8:45Viewing artwork thumbnails

Let’s jump in!

And that’s it! Thanks for coming along for the ride over this video series. Don’t forget you can re-watch any of them again if you need to refresh yourself when you setup your next exhibition. You can also send us an email at if you have further questions or future video tutorial requests.

Please also check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great video content. We’ll be publishing more regular content there to help you exhibit, engage audiences and sell more art online. See you there and thanks for watching!

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