Publishing Your Exhibition Live

What to know when publishing your exhibition

This article is for users on the Free and Exhibitor Pro Plans.

Once you have completed the Curate an Exhibition process, you will be able to hit the Publish Exhibition button. Once you have published your exhibition live, your exhibition will be viewable on The Exhibit right away.

You can manage or edit your published exhibition at any time from your Account area.

Now that you have published your exhibition, you will be able to start promoting and sharing your exhibition with your audience. Discover our exhibition promotion tips here.

However, sometimes we are unable to publish your exhibition when you hit the “Publish Exhibition” button and instead your exhibition remains in “Pending Exhibition” status. This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • For Free Plan users: Less than 50% of the artworks in your exhibition are available for sale. To exhibit at least 50% of the artworks in your exhibition must be available for sale. You will need to go back and edit your artworks to amend this, and once 50% or more are available for purchase you will then be able to publish your exhibition.
  • You have only one artwork in your exhibition. To hold an exhibition on The Exhibit, your exhibition must have two or more works in it, otherwise, it would just be a single artwork listing and not an exhibition :) You will need to add additional artworks to your exhibition and then you will be able to successfully publish your exhibition live.
  • An invited artist has not accepted their invitation. If you have invited new artists to The Exhibit to take part in your exhibition, they will need to confirm their invite and set-up their user account on the platform before we can publish your exhibition live. This is so we know artists have given permission for their artwork/s to be included in your exhibition and so we can pay them when their artwork successfully sells. Once all the invited artists have completed their account set-up, your exhibition will automatically be published live. You will be alerted via an email when this happens.
  • Your bank account details have not yet been added to your account on The Exhibit. Until we are able to pay you when an artwork sells, you won’t be able to publish your exhibition live. Once you have added the required information to your account, your exhibition will be able to be published.
  • Additional account verification required. Sometimes our third-party payments provider Stripe requires some additional information from you to verify your identity. You will be alerted to this by email at which point we will require some additional identity documentation from you. When our payments provider has successfully verified your information, you will be informed and your exhibition will be automatically published live.

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