How to Set Opening and Closing Dates for Your Exhibition

How to set Opening and Closing Dates for your exhibition

Each exhibition on The Exhibit is temporary in nature and has a defined opening and closing date – just like a traditional bricks and mortar exhibition.

If you are using our Independent Artist and Curator Plan, your artworks will only be available for sale during your exhibition’s opening and closing dates.

The opening and closing dates you select are completely of your choice. The duration of your exhibition is also completely of your choosing but the maximum duration for open exhibitions on the platform is 4 months (120 days). Just like an offline exhibition, online exhibitions on The Exhibit are finite rather than being a permanent shop fixture.

Exhibitions can be published live on The Exhibit any time prior to your opening date and the platform will automatically display a countdown timer on your exhibition entry page, counting down until your exhibition opening time. This allows your audience to pre-view your exhibition (similar to how a pre-show catalogue works) and create some anticipation before your artworks become available for sale.

Each exhibition also has an opening time, this is the time of day when you exhibition goes live on your opening date. You might want your exhibition to open in the early morning or you might want to have an evening “opening night”. Your exhibition will close at this same time on your closing date.

We recommend publishing your exhibition a minimum of 2 days before your exhibition opening date, but ideally 2 weeks or more in advance to allow for a buildup to your opening. Having a bit of time between the published date and your opening date/time such as this, allows you to inform your friends, family, art collectors, followers on social media, your email list and website subscribers about your upcoming exhibition. This builds buzz around your exhibition and lets them check out your exhibition before it opens so they can be ready to buy when it does open.

Once your exhibition closes, it will remain on The Exhibit for art lovers to still discover and browse, but it will show a closed status and your artworks will no longer be available for purchase (until such time as you decide to re-list any un-sold artworks in a new exhibition).