How Pay-outs work when an Artwork Sells

How pay-outs work when an artwork sells

This article is for users on the Free and Exhibitor Pro Plans.

When you curate your first exhibition or exhibit your first artwork on The Exhibit, an account with our third party payments provider Stripe is automatically created on your behalf. This allows you to accept payment for your artwork sales, and then have the sales revenue automatically deposited into your designated bank account.

Any fees relating to making your sale on The Exhibit will be deducted from your sales revenue automatically at the time of sale, so you don’t have to worry about making separate payments for these.

Any sales tax or shipping costs collected on your behalf at the time of sale will also be deposited into your bank account as part of your Pay-out.

If the artwork sold is under a revenue share arrangement, The Exhibit will automatically split the revenues between the Artist and Curator so the correct amounts are deposited into the right bank accounts. Any fees associated with making the sale will be deducted from the Curator’s share prior to their pay-out being made.

Note: a curator is anyone who sets up and curates an exhibition on the behalf of the exhibiting artists. A curator might be another artist, a commercial gallery, an art retail store or a freelance curator.

Pay-outs will be deposited into your bank account either 28 days after the date of the transaction or 28 days after the close of your exhibition if you have a synced offline/online exhibition. If multiple completed transactions were made on the same date, the resulting funds will be deposited together in a single pay-out into your bank account. The processing time for your pay-out will vary based on the country in which you are located. The Exhibit makes deposits in the following currencies based on the Exhibitors location: NZD, AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, SGD, JPY, CHF, DKK, NOK, and SEK.

However, there are some scenarios which can temporarily delay your pay-out, these are:

  • Not marking your artwork off as ‘Shipped’ or ‘Ready for Pickup’ in your account area. If The Exhibit has not been alerted to the fact your artwork has been packed and dispatched, then we will hold your pay-out until we have proof the artwork is on its way to the buyer or ready for the buyer to collect.
  • If the sold artwork is currently under investigation by The Exhibit Support Team. If there is a dispute investigation underway on a particular artwork transaction, then the pay-out for this sale will be held until the dispute has been successfully resolved between the exhibitor and the buyer.
  • If additional account verification is required. Sometimes our third-party payments provider Stripe requires some additional information from you to verify your identity. You will be alerted to this by email at which point we will require some additional identity documentation from you. While we are waiting for the verification to be approved, any pending pay-outs owing you will be held. When our payments provider has successfully verified your information, you will be informed and your held pay-out will be deposited.

For further information on pay-outs please read our Exhibitor Policy.

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