How much does it cost to exhibit?

How much does it cost to exhibit?

If you are using our Free Plan to exhibit, creating an exhibition on The Exhibit will always be free. This is because at The Exhibit we want to make exhibiting art accessible to everyone, so we only charge fees when you successfully make a sale or withdraw an artwork from sale during an “open exhibition”. We also do not charge any listing or subscription fees for simply using or accessing The Exhibit platform.

Sales Success Fee

The Exhibit charges a 10% sales success fee when an artwork is sold from your exhibition. This allows us to provide the service, expand the exhibition features we offer and continue to support the platform.

Transaction Processing & Payout Fee

Curators are also responsible for covering a 4% transaction and payout processing fee incurred when making a sale. This 4% fee is deducted from the artwork sale price and covers both the credit card processing fee and the pay-out fee (to deposit the sale revenue into your nominated bank account) which are charged by our third-party payments provider Stripe.

Note, a Curator of an exhibition on The Exhibit is the person who sets up the exhibition – for example, it might be the artist if it is a self-curated show, an independent curator or a gallery. So for artists listing their own exhibition on The Exhibit, they are considered both artist and curator and are therefore responsible for paying the fees associated with successfully making a sale.

Sales Status Edit Fee

If you decide to edit the sales status of an artwork in your ‘open exhibition’ (i.e. between your exhibition’s open and closing dates) from ‘For sale’ to ‘Not for sale’ or ‘Sold’, a 10% Sales Status editing fee is charged. This fee is only charged when you manually withdraw an artwork from sale during your ‘open exhibition’ dates. (This fee is not charged when you make a successful sale on The Exhibit.)

For example, if you have your artworks also available for sale elsewhere during your “open exhibition dates” on The Exhibit, such as on your own website, on another website or in an offline gallery venue, and you happen to sell the same artwork in one of these other locations while you have an “open exhibition” on The Exhibit, this is when you can incur the 10% Sales Status editing fee. This is because you will need to edit that particular artwork’s availability on The Exhibit as it has sold elsewhere and you don’t want to accidentally sell it twice. We are also required to charge this fee to avoid users abusing the platform. Charging this fee also allows us to make the Free Plan 100% free for you to put on an exhibition.

To avoid incurring this fee, we recommend making sure that those ‘For sale’ artworks included your online exhibition on The Exhibit are going to be available for sale for the duration of your ‘open exhibition dates’ without any sales status editing required.


For more information about fees, please visit our Pricing Page here and find out more about how payouts work here.