Does The Exhibit have any input into your exhibition?

Does The Exhibit have any input into your exhibition?

The Exhibit team does not have any input into the artwork selection or curation of your exhibition. Exhibitions on The Exhibit platform are designed to be either self-curated by the artist or curated by a curator or gallery.

Each exhibition on The Exhibit is completely the artistic vision of the artist/s and curator/s involved in it.

Now you might be worried that because The Exhibit team isn’t curating and selecting artworks on the platform, that this means your artworks will be jumbled up with all the other types of art on the platform? The short answer is no. This is because each exhibition is designed to function independently of all other exhibitions on the platform.

How is each exhibition independent?

Firstly, when users are browsing and searching on The Exhibit they only see exhibition listings and not individual pieces of art. This means your artworks won’t be mixed together with other artist’s artworks on generic sales pages like many traditional art sale websites do.

The artworks associated with your exhibition are only viewed when a visitor clicks through into your exhibition listing and experiences that exhibition. At The Exhibit, our goal is to provide a holistic exhibition viewing experience and not an “Amazon for art” platform.

Secondly, we have designed the platform so that each exhibition has its own unique ‘Entry Page’. This is the page where you can direct your followers and interested buyers directly to, without needing to send them via any other page on the platform. This also means they won’t necessarily see any other exhibitions apart from yours unless they start browsing and searching for other exhibitions themselves after visiting your exhibition.

The only sections of the platform where The Exhibit team does have some curatorial input is the selection of exhibitions we feature on the homepage and other prominent areas of the site, this allows us to keep these pages fresh and feature a changing range of current and popular exhibitions.