How to promote your online exhibition

The Exhibit is designed to enable artists, curators, commercial galleries and cultural institutions to easily promote their exhibitions to their network, social media followers, potential collectors, email lists and subscribers.

Each exhibition on the platform is independent in and of itself, with its own “Entry Page”. This means each exhibition has its own unique link/URL that you can send your audience directly to, without them having to go via any other page on The Exhibit platform. This makes it super easy to share your exhibition online and drive traffic to your individual exhibition.

For Free Plan and Exhibitor Pro Plan users, once you have published your exhibition live, you can even share your unique exhibition URL with your audience prior to your exhibition’s opening date. This allows your audience to browse the artworks and bookmark their favourites before they become available for sale! This also means you won’t need to compile and send out a pre-sale catalogue. Instead, you simply direct your list to your unique exhibition URL.

These are just some of the activities we recommend you do to share your unique exhibition URL:

  1. Post an image from your exhibition with a catchy caption on Instagram. Just make sure to add the direct link to your exhibition in your Instagram bio
  2. Share an image or video in Instagram Stories which directly links to your exhibition “entry page” (your exhibition URL)
  3. Post an image and link on your Facebook page and share it with your friends
  4. Tweet the link to your exhibition
  5. Write an email to send out to your email contacts or list; include a bit of info about your exhibition and provide the link for your email recipients to click straight through to visit your show
  6. Message your contacts on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other Chat Apps – again, include a bit of info about your exhibition, an image or video, and provide the link for your contacts to visit your exhibition directly online
  7. Add a blog or featured section to your website advertising your exhibition – make sure to include a link or button so your website visitors can go directly to your exhibition Entry Page
  8. You can even print out flyers, postcards or posters to promote your exhibition, or give out in your studio or gallery space!

Happy promoting! :-)

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