Guide to adding Video Content to your exhibition

Guide to adding video content to your exhibition

You can add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your exhibition entry page and to each individual artwork page in your exhibition. Video content is not required to publish your exhibition, but it is a great way to further engage your audience and share with them some extra information and behind the scenes details about your exhibition.

Here are some examples of what your videos could include:

  • footage of the artwork being made
  • an interview with the artist or curator
  • a studio view showing where the artwork has been created
  • an in-situ room view showing your artwork hung in a gallery or styled in a home environment
  • or maybe a walk around of a corresponding offline exhibition showing what all the artworks in you exhibition look like in the physical gallery space

To get further ideas, check out what types of videos other artists are posting on Instagram Stories and Facebook, or next time you visit a Gallery which has video media included as part of the exhibition display, pay attention to how they have used the video content to provide more information to the viewer.

If you have video(s) which are not yet published on YouTube or Vimeo, you will need to upload all video content to either of these platforms to be able to embed them into your online exhibition.

If you don’t yet have a YouTube or Vimeo account to host your videos, you can create a free account on YouTube here, or Vimeo here, and follow their instructions for uploading videos here: YouTube Instructions or Vimeo Instructions.

Once your video(s) has been uploaded and published to either of these platforms, you can then simply copy each video’s URL (link) and paste this into the relevant form field in the Curate an Exhibition process.