Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who can exhibit on The Exhibit?

Anyone can take the role of exhibition curator on The Exhibit and create their own online exhibition, whether they’re a professional or amateur artist, an independent curator, an arts student, a gallery, or even a school teacher.

What type of exhibitions can I curate?

As a curator, you can:

  • – self-curate exhibitions of your own artwork;
  • – curate solo exhibitions showcasing the work of another artist;
  • – or curate group shows where multiple artists are involved.

Curators can also work alone to complete the set-up of your exhibitions, or collaborate with other curators to put on an exhibition.
Art Galleries will also soon able to curate exhibitions showcasing the works of their represented artists (coming soon).

What types of artwork can I exhibit?

The Exhibit will allow users to exhibit a wide variety of art forms including:

  • – oil paintings
  • – water colours
  • – etchings
  • – drawings
  • – works on paper
  • – collage
  • – sculpture
  • – assemblage
  • – ceramics
  • – photography
  • – and even traditional indigenous art forms

If it’s an original artwork and you can photograph it, you can exhibit it!
Whether you create paintings of sloths dressed up as cats, glitter covered sculptures of miniature baby piglets, or crocheted decorative bananas, The Exhibit platform is suitable for all your exhibition needs.
We are also working on how to make The Exhibit work for digital and video artworks, performance art and site specific installations. Stay tuned!

What are the fees to exhibit?

Curating an exhibition on The Exhibit will always be free for independent Curators and Artists. Because we want to make exhibiting art accessible to everyone, fees are only charged when you make a sale.
A 10% sales success fee is charged when an artwork is sold from your exhibition.This allows us to continue to support the platform and expand the exhibition services we offer.
Curators are also responsible for covering the 4% transaction and payout processing fee incurred when making a sale. This 4% fee is deducted from the artwork sale price and covers both the credit card processing fee and the pay-out fee (to deposit the sale revenue into your nominated bank account) which are charged by our third-party payments provider Stripe.
For Art Galleries and Retail stores, there will be a subscription model coming soon allowing you to unlock additional Gallery specific features.
You can find out more about our Plans & Pricing here.

How long does my exhibition stay online?

All exhibitions on The Exhibit will be temporary, with defined opening and closing dates. You set your own opening and closing dates when you curate your exhibition. The time period can be completely of your choosing but cannot exceed 4 months.
However, when your exhibition finishes it will remain on The Exhibit as an archived exhibition for visitors to keep viewing your artworks should you choose to leave it up. You will, however, not be able to sell artwork exhibited once your exhibition closes.

Do all artworks included in my exhibition need to be for sale?

No, not all artworks in your exhibition will need to be for sale. With all other e-commerce art websites and auction portals the focus is on selling, this is not the case with The Exhibit. Exhibitions can be made up of a mix of for sale and not for sale artworks. If you are an Independent Curator or Artist you will only require a minimum 50% of your exhibition artworks to be available for sale, whereas if you are on the Art Gallery Subscription Plan you will be able to publish exhibitions with no artworks for sale.

I’ve never held an exhibition before, how will I know what to do to exhibit?

We have designed an intuitive exhibition set-up sequence which guides curators through a step by step curatorial process, so that no matter if this is your 100th exhibition or your first, you won’t forget anything and will be prompted at each step as to what information you need to curate a beautiful exhibition. Start curating your exhibition FREE here.

What will my online exhibition look like?

The Exhibit has been designed to replicate all the best elements of an offline exhibition and smartly incorporates all the features exhibition browsers will expect to see.
Just like in the offline world, each exhibition will have its own entry page which will work just like a title wall in a gallery space with the exhibition’s name, information about the artists and curators involved, an overview blurb of the exhibition and a promotional or branding image.
Each artwork will also be accompanied by further information, acting just like a wall label pinned to the wall next to an artwork in a physical gallery space.
You can add both audio and video to both your exhibition landing page and to individual artworks.
You will also be able to define your “wall colour” so your artworks are “hung” on the right background colour!
Email us for further details, or sign up here to get notified when we launch!

How will I direct my followers to my online exhibition?

We have built-in tools that make it super easy to promote your exhibitions online.
For instance, each exhibition will have it’s own custom URL to easily direct online traffic straight to your exhibition’s landing page. This will make it super easy to share your exhibition on social media, on your own website and by email to your email list.
And with our “OPENING SOON” features, you will be able to share your unique exhibition page with your followers prior to your exhibition’s opening date so they can browse the artworks and bookmark their favourites before they become available for sale!
This also means you won’t need to compile and send out a pre-sale catalogue. Instead, you simply direct your list to your unique exhibition URL.

Will I be able to run an online and offline exhibition at the same time?

Yes! The Exhibit has been designed so online exhibitions can run in conjunction with offline exhibitions. Your online exhibition will promote the offline location of your exhibition, playing a significant role in attracting wider audiences into your physical exhibition space.
The Exhibit can also even be used in the gallery space to provide information to visitors via their smart phones and as a sales payment platform without the need for expensive POS equipment.

How do I get paid as an artist if a curator includes my artwork in their exhibition?

During exhibition set-up, each curator defines the revenue share arrangement between artists and curators for their exhibition. The Exhibit will then automatically divide the sale value of each artwork sold between the artist’s and curator’s bank accounts, making the financial management of each exhibition a piece of cake.
The percentage of revenue a curator can claim is also capped so artists are never left short changed.
Note, when a Curator includes you and your artwork in their exhibition, you will be notified via email and given the opportunity to approve or disapprove your artwork in their exhibition.

How are shipping prices determined when I buy artwork from an exhibition?

The shipping costs and available delivery destinations of each artwork are set by the Exhibitor and will display on each artwork listing. Any advertised shipping prices are the costs the Exhibitor needs to cover to ensure the artwork is packaged properly and reaches your location safely.

Have more questions? Ask us!

Please feel free to contact us below should you need any further assistance. We’re here to help!