What is The Exhibit? Features and Benefits

The Exhibit is a cost-effective platform (free to use) where curators and artists can easily curate compelling exhibitions online, share them to social media, attract global audiences, and sell original artwork all without needing to find an exhibition space or covering the overheads traditionally involved with exhibiting art.

Our vision is to remove the barriers faced when exhibiting art and in doing so, rethinking the need for gallery representation and disrupting the traditionally elitist role of the art dealer.

A platform for all curators

The Exhibit is a platform for all art lovers, artists, curators, and art galleries. Anyone can take the role of exhibition curator and create their own online exhibition on The Exhibit, whether they’re a professional or amateur artist, an independent curator, an arts student, a gallery, or even a school teacher. Exhibitions can be self-curated exhibitions of your own artwork, or solo and group shows where your curate the work of other artists.

Encourages art collectors

The Exhibit aims to completely change the way art collectors browse online. No longer will they have to miss out on an artwork for their collection if they can’t visit the opening night or have to try their luck on being the first to comment “sold” below an artwork image on social media. Now regardless of where they are located, they will be able to enjoy the complete exhibition experience and collect the artwork they love.

Puts the Exhibition first

The Exhibit is not designed as just another e-commerce website for art. It is not about listing individual artwork or objects online until they sell, but creating a platform for exhibiting online. Each online exhibit includes all the best features of a physical gallery exhibition (a temporary duration, an opening night, wall blurbs and a title wall) but matched with the flexibility and technological advantages of being digital.

Is social

The Exhibit let’s artists, curators and galleries easily promote exhibitions to their followers on social media while engaging new audiences online. Each exhibition has its own landing page and URL where online traffic can be directed. Website viewers can also share and promote their favourite exhibitions to their own network.

Is global

The Exhibit allows artists, curators and galleries to build digital exhibition experiences which are not limited by geographic boundaries or their audience’s physical access to an exhibition venue. While, art enthusiasts and collectors can view and purchase artwork from exhibitions which they would never be able to visit in person.

Is free to use

Curating an exhibition on The Exhibit will always be free. The Exhibit provides a much needed platform where artists and curators can cost effectively exhibit art without the overheads of running or renting a physical gallery space. It also provides artists, curators and galleries with an e-commerce solution without needing to develop or manage their own.

Challenges the exhibition status quo

By design, The Exhibit opens-up the exhibition creation process, shifting control away from the elite art dealer or dealer gallery. With The Exhibit, artists and curators or galleries define their own revenue share arrangement for each exhibition. The Exhibit will then divide the sale value of each artwork sold between both bank accounts making the financial management of each exhibition a piece of cake.

Encourages new ways of working

The Exhibit allows collaborations to take place between artists and curators regardless of global location; no longer will artists and curators or galleries need to be geographically close for an exhibition to take place. The curator doesn’t even need to physically receive the artworks to “hang” an exhibition and artists can ship their works directly to collectors when they sell them… without even having to wait for the exhibition to close.

Combines the online with the offline

The Exhibit has also been designed so online exhibitions can run in conjunction with offline exhibitions. Your online exhibition can promote the offline location of your exhibition, playing a significant role in attracting wider audiences into your physical exhibition space. The Exhibit can even be used in the gallery space to provide information to visitors via their phones and as a sales payment platform without the need for expensive POS equipment.

But it isn’t…

The Exhibit isn’t attempting to replicate the enthralling experience of visiting an exhibition in person. It’s also not trying to be just another art auction or e-commerce platform for Artists to sell their work. Instead, we’re aiming to give artists and curators another tool in their belt to reach their audience online, while also allowing art lovers and collectors to experience exhibitions in an engaging and captivating way, no matter where they’re located in the world.


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Zinnia O’Brien is a co-founder of The Exhibit. She has a Masters of Museum Studies and has worked in internationally recognised Art Galleries and Museums in Australia and New Zealand. She is passionate about using technology to find ways for galleries, museums and arts practitioners to remain viable and valued in the current under-funded Arts and Cultural environment. Sign up free at https://theexhibit.io/register/ and start curating your first exhibition!