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Easily curate and publish exhibitions online with The Exhibit, the first open exhibition platform allowing all artists and curators to publish beautiful solo and group shows online, and reach art lovers and collectors around the world.

Free to Exhibit

The Exhibit allows all artists and curators to curate unlimited online exhibitions for free, allowing you to exhibit your art without the traditional overheads of running a gallery space or managing an e-commerce website.

Global Reach

Build digital exhibition experiences which aren’t limited by geographic boundaries or your audience’s physical access to your exhibition venue. This allows global audiences to see and purchase artwork from your exhibitions.

10% Sales Commission

Unlike most art websites and galleries, The Exhibit’s sales commission is a low 10%. We want you to take home more of your artwork’s sales revenue and be better rewarded for the time and resources you invest in your art.

Curate beautiful exhibitions

The Exhibit is unlike traditional e-commerce website solutions and art listing sites where individual artworks are simply listed online until they sell, with little or no context. Instead, The Exhibit allows you to replicate the best features of a physical gallery exhibition online without needing to have a website, know how to code or pay for costly software subscription services which aren’t purpose-built for exhibiting and selling art. All exhibitions are feature rich with everything you need to customise your exhibition experience, present your artwork and sell directly from your exhibition.

Collaborate with artists and curators across the globe

The Exhibit allows for collaborations to take place between artists and curators regardless of their global location. This means that artists and curators no longer need to be geographically close to each other for an exhibition to take place, you can put on a group show with artists located in any of our supported countries. Artwork is also dispatched directly by each artist, so you don’t need to worry about shipping costs to a gallery location.

Sync exhibitions with your offline shows

The Exhibit allows you to build online exhibitions which sync with your offline exhibitions, therefore attracting wider audiences into your physical exhibition spaces. It gives you a way to increase access to your exhibition, easily conduct pre-sale promotion, provide additional information to visitors in your gallery venue via their smart phones, and even act as a sales payment platform removing the need for expensive POS equipment inside your gallery space.

Simply a better way to sell art online

The Exhibit completely changes the way art collectors experience and buy your art online. By creating an online exhibition, art collectors can preview your exhibition before it opens no matter where they are located, easily pick their favourites, be online at the advertised opening time ready to purchase, and most importantly fully experience the impact of your exhibition and the relationship between each artwork within an online space.

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More features and benefits

Temporary Exhibitions

Unlike other art e-commerce sites, exhibitions on The Exhibit are temporary with their own exhibition opening and closing dates that are defined by you. As with offline exhibitions, artworks only become available for sale during your opening dates, while also allowing your audience to preview your show online in advance of your opening and be ready to buy their favourites when the show opens!

Powerful Promotional Tools

Each exhibition has simple yet powerful tools that will help you send traffic directly to your unique exhibition “entry page”, including tools for promotion on Instagram, Facebook, email and more. A custom exhibition URL allows you to further share your exhibition online. Your followers and exhibition visitors are also able to share and promote your exhibitions to their own networks, further increasing the reach of your exhibition.

Easy Exhibition Pre-sale Marketing

You can publish and promote your exhibition in advance of your opening date to build up anticipation and buzz before your launch! Because your artworks only become available for sale when your exhibition opens, you can easily use your “coming soon” exhibition as a pre-sale catalogue without having to create any additional marketing materials to send out to your list. Your collectors can then bookmark their favourites and be ready to buy.

Automatic Revenue sharing between Curators and Artists

As Curator you can define your own commission arrangement with your artists on The Exhibit. Our payout software then seamlessly and automatically handles the division of artwork revenue between yourself and your artists when an artwork sells, making the financial management of each exhibition a piece of cake.

Your own Exhibitor Profile

Each curator, artist and gallery has their own Exhibitor Profile on The Exhibit which features current and past exhibitions, links to your social media pages and website, and an exhibitor biography. This allows your followers to get to know you better, discover current exhibitions and see your exhibition history. Buyers can also read reviews about your previous artwork sales and shop with confidence.

Access to our Help Centre

Our Help Centre and Exhibitor Handbook are always accessible and updated regularly so you know how best to use the platform, promote your exhibition and manage artwork sales. We’re also always here to help either by email or phone when you need a helping hand. We provide ongoing tips, tricks and inspiration for improving your exhibition and artwork sales, delivered direct to your inbox too.

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