Digital Stockroom

How The Exhibit Stockroom works

The Exhibit’s “Digital Stockroom” allows any unsold artworks to stay available for sale after your exhibition has closed and is available for anyone using our low-cost Exhibitor Pro plan.

If you’re an Exhibitor Pro user, you will be able to manage which artworks you wish to continue to sell after any exhibitions close by simply enabling or disabling any works that are still available on this page here inside your ‘My Account’ area.

Art Exhibition Digital Stockroom

Note: if you haven’t yet exhibited, you won’t see any artworks in your Stockroom. Only unsold artworks will show up here once an exhibition has closed.

Also note: art collectors can access your Digital Stockroom via your Exhibitor Profile page. The Stockroom will display on your Profile when you have selected artworks to be included in your Stockroom as shown above.


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