What will The Exhibit look like

What will The Exhibit look like?

We have written about why we are launching The Exhibit and given you a high level overview of how it will work, now it’s time to give you a sneak peak of what The Exhibit will potentially look like when we launch!

Right from the very beginning we wanted to achieve an elegant and minimalist UI/UX design experience with The Exhibit, allowing the exhibitions and the artwork to be the focus of the platform. We have designed the front-end of the site to be deceptively simple, creating a very clean display environment with no overly styled fonts, clashing colours, clever effects or flashing buttons distracting from the exhibition experience.

Using some of our early designs (the final ones are under lock and key until we launch) here is an outline of what the website experience will be.

The Home Page

The web platform will start with a beautiful Home page showcasing featured exhibitions.

Browse Exhibitions

If you want to search or browse the current exhibition, the Browse exhibitions page has all the search functionality you would expect to find the exhibitions that tickle your fancy.

The Exhibition Experience

Each exhibition will be broken into a three-part user experience. Users will first land on your exhibition landing page, from there they can click through to view the exhibition. Each exhibition artwork will then be clickable, taking users directly to individual artwork pages where browsers can find out more information and buy artwork.

Artist, Curator and Gallery profile pages

Every artist, curator and gallery will have their own bio page where they can share information about themselves, their exhibition history and links to their social media accounts and website. Gallery profile pages will also feature additional map and address information so users are encouraged to visit you in real life.

And that concludes the sneak peek of The Exhibit platform. We’re excited to bring the real live version to you in the next few months!

If there are any other features, tools or pages you would specifically like to see on The Exhibit, please let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Zinnia O’Brien is a co-founder of The Exhibit. She has a Masters of Museum Studies and has worked in internationally recognised Art Galleries and Museums in Australia and New Zealand. She is passionate about using technology to find ways for galleries, museums and arts practitioners to remain viable and valued in the current under-funded Arts and Cultural environment. Sign up at https://theexhibit.io/ to get notified when The Exhibit launches!

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